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Warburn Estate is located near Griffith in New South Wales, in the center of the large Riverina grape-growing and agricultural region. Warburn Estate is one of New South Wales most significant wine.

Warburn Estate proudly remains a private company, maintaining its winemaking independence with the ability to quickly respond to market demands and client needs. The company (formerly Riverina Wines Pty Ltd), is owned by the Sergi family, whose winemaking traditions began in Italy many years ago.

Giuseppe and his son Antonio began to grow grapes on their farm and making wines for his family and friends using old barrels and hand made machinery. He would often sell bulk wine in 200 litre drums, a practice common in Italian cantinas, and would travel extensively throughout Australia to supply his customers.

Sales were successful and demand for wine high so Antonio decided to expand his business and start up a winery operation in 1968 at Tharbogang. The winery became known as House of Sergi's.

In 1972, the winery was granted an official liquor license and formally opened a shop front in an old fibro building on the winery premises. In 1975, a new shop front was built which still exists today. In 1979, the winery was officially named Warburn Wines. The winery continued to expand rapidly.

Domestic sales of Australian wine continued to expand in value rather than volume, reflecting a switch from cask or bulk wine consumption to higher priced bottled wine. By the end of 1998, the Company was awarded 363 medals and 10 trophies in only 4 years of entering the wine show circuit.

In 2000, the Company invested a further $21 million in winery and vineyards. These investments have enhanced wine quality, enabled Warburn Estate to process increased quantities of grapes, meet the increasing export demand for Australian wines and achieve greater economies of scale in production.

Warburn Estate wines are now enjoyed in 35 countries around the world. Warburn Estate is fully aware of the critical importance of maintaining Australia's reputation as a quality producer of export wines. It produces grapes from environmentally sustainable viticulture, strictly in accordance with world's best practice.

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Region : Riverina, New South Wales
Year Of Establishment : 1968
Ranges :
  • Gossips
  • Stephendale
  • Warburn Premium
  • Warburn Reserve

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