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Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co. Ltd. was founded in 1743 with more than 250 years of experience in brewing Shaoxing Wine. Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co. Ltd. was the first Shaoxing wine factory that pass the ISO 9002 International Standard Certificate and was awarded a gold medal at the Panama Pacific Word Exposition in 1915.

By the year 2006 the brand expanded globally and is now sold in Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and America - all together more than 30 nations and regions. In the marketing competition Kuaijishan is the foremost in technology innovation and development of its new productions.

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Region : Zhejiang, China
Year Of Establishment : 1743
Ranges :
  • Gourmet Series
  • National Banquet Shaoxing Wine Series
  • Clay Jar Shaoxing Wine Series
  • Collection Series
  • Porcelain Shaoxing Wine Series

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