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Cognac, named after the town of Cognac in France, is the most famous variety of brandy produced in the wine-growing region surrounding the town from which it takes its name, in the French Departements of Charente and Charente-Maritime. According to French Law, in order to bear the name, Cognac must meet strenuous legal requirements, ensuring that the 300-year old production process remains unchanged.

Each cognac house has a master taster (maître de chai) who is responsible for creating this delicate blend of spirits, so that the cognac produced by a company today will taste almost exactly the same as a cognac produced by that same company 50 years ago, or in 50 years' time.

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Rum is a distilled beverage made from sugarcane by-products such as molasses and sugarcane juice by a process of fermentation and distillation. The majority of the world's rum production occurs in and around the Caribbean and in several South American countries, such as Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil.

Rum is produced in a variety of styles. Light rums are commonly used in cocktails. In addition to cocktails, golden and dark rums are appropriate for drinking straight, or as a brandy for cooking. Premium rums are also available that are made to be consumed straight or with ice.

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Vodka is a drink originated in Eastern Europe. The name stemming from the Russian word 'voda' meaning water or, as the Poles would say 'woda.' The first documented production of vodka in Russia was the end of the 9th century.

Types produced included: acorn, anisette, birch, calamus root, calendula, cherry, chicory, dill, ginger hazelnut, horseradish, juniper, lemon, mastic, mint, mountain ash, oak, pepper, peppermint, raspberry, sage, sorrel, wort and water melon.

Vodka cocktails are numerous and are seen in exclusive circles and stylish bars the world over.

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Whisky, which means "water of life", is liquor distilled from a mash of grains that are fermented, generally rye, oats, barley, corn or wheat. Inferior whiskys are distilled with beets, potatoes, and other roots. The most impressive whiskys nationwide are Scotch, Irish, Canadian and American.

The Irish whisky similar to Scotch, however there is no peat used for curing. More over, the Irish whisky has a full, sweet taste as opposed to a dry, somewhat smoky flavor of Scotch. The Bourbon, American whisky had a higher flavor and deeper color than either Irish or Scotch and requires two to three years longer to mature.

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