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The Raspberry Fruit
Bokbunja is a type of wild black raspberry that is native to Korea. In Asia, it is used for making traditional herbal medicine and health supplements to enhance stamina for men and cure diseases in women.

The name Bokbunja comes from an old Korean legend:
Once upon a time, there was a hunter who was lost in the jungle. While he was looking for his way out, he felt hungry and found some wild black raspberries to eat. After finding his way back home he relieved himself. He was so 'energetic' that when his urine hit the chamber pot, it turned over due to strong force.

The meaning of Bokbunja is:

  • Bun, meaning 'chamber pot'
  • Ja, meaning 'man'

Altogether Bokbunja roughly translates to 'man turning over the chamber pot'.

Medicinal Benefits
According to an ancient Chinese medical book, 'Bonchogangmok', the characteristics of Bokbunja, is sweet, sour, slightly warm and alkaline. The medical functions of Bokbunja is:

The fruit is aphrodisiac, astringent, restorative and tonic. It is taken to prevent problems associated with disturbed liver and kidney functions such as frequent urination, premature graying, blurred vision and lack of luster in skin due to weak kidneys and liver.

Due to its outstanding medical benefits, Bokbunja is attracting great interest from the Western medical studies. Ohio State University, U.S.A. has recently completed a study and released an article on the antioxidant and anti cancer properties that black raspberries contain.

Bohae Bokbunja Wine
Bokbunja wine made from ripe bokbunja fruits further enhance the medicinal properties of these Korean black raspberry.

Bohae Brewery, a prestigious brewery in Korea with 56 years experience in traditional wine making has brought the natural medicinal properties of Bokbunja to life using fixed temperature fermentation processes.

In Korea, it has become a trend to drink Bokbunja wine as a health drink among its citizens. Due to their drinking trend, there is significant improvement in the health of Korean people.

Events and News
Bohae Bokbunja wine has been highly praised as a wine that showcases an enhancing purplish color combined with a superb fruity taste.

On the 18th November 2005, Bohae Bokbunja wine was specially selected to be served at the APEC ?005 banquet dinner specially organized for all leaders at the Busan Convention Center.

Bohae Brewery Co. Ltd. Delivered 500 bottles initially, but due to popular demand by the guest, a total of 2000 bottles were consumed during the function.

International Award
Bohae Bokbunja wine has also won a silver medal at the 2005 Dallas Morning News International Wine Competition which again proved its quality internationally.

To read more about Bohae Brewery, the creator of Bokbunja wine and agent to Nam Lee Cheong, click here.

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