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Two wine producing families who wanted to join their marketing forces to sell their wines, founded Destavel in Roussillon in 1983. Since then the success of this endeavor attracted other wine growers. All are independent and make their own wines, which are estate bottled. They all believe in "Prestige through quality? A concept launched and promoted by Destavel. Before anything else, Destavel is the link between men who wanted this idea to succeed and who worked for that purpose.

Destavel is today the centre of a prestigious group of Chateaux and Domains for which quality is a must. As leaders in quality improvement in the Languedoc Roussillon area, they are rewarded each year with a significant number of gold and silver medals from the most famous wine competitions.

Our appellations are spread over the best parts of the whole Languedoc Roussillon, and come from producers who count as the better examples for each appellation.

In order to complement its range of Estate and Chateaux wines, Destavel has taken advantage of its experience and knowledge of the appellations and build a line of products named Jean d'Estavel. They are in testimony to the art and the tradition of the vintner and focus on two points:

Firstly, optimise the balance of soils, due to the fact that inside the same appellation, soils can be very different such as chalk, schist's, gravels or granite.

The cuvees assembled under the Jean d'Estavel signature are originated from these various soils, in order to take full advantage of there complementarily and shape a typical, balanced and elegant style.

Secondly, guarantee the wine's authenticity. The best soils in Languedoc Roussillon are situated on steep hills, where the fields are small and scattered. Though, Chateaux and Estates are very few in Collioure, Cotes du Roussillon Villages and Fitou areas and small producers have a tendency to make young wines to sell early, rather than keeping wines that need maturing.

The Jean d'Estavel range has been assembled with the best cuvees from the smaller Estates and offers wines that can be age and kept.

Taking advantage of the know-how and skills of the vintner, Jean d'Estavel is able to offer wines typical of high quality soils.

Destavel defines with each customer the specific features of their market. There from, we assist our customers to select wines within our list of products that will best complement their range.

Visit Destavel for more information.

Region : France
Year Of Establishment : 1983
Ranges :
  • Récolte
  • Tradition
  • Prestige
  • Bouquet des Garrigues
  • Sweet wine

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