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Casca Wines is the personal project of two young winemakers who have decided to create a Portuguese quality wine brand. A project that only works with the best grapes of each region and tries to renew Portugal's unique tradition in winemaking.

The rediscover of wine regions.

Cape Roca is the most western point of continental Europe.

As the famous Portuguese poet Luis de Camoes said the XVI century: "Where land ends and sea begins".

Portugal's history has been forever connected with the Atlantic Ocean and sailing around undiscovered places.

This is CAPE ROCA brand as its wines are about the rediscover of wine regions around Portugal.

CAPE ROCA has seen FISHERMEN catching FISH to bring home in their BOATS guided by its LIGHTHOUSE.

Vinification – Temperature, air and time are our tools

A Gentle extraction – Craft wines with rich, vibrant flavours – yet supple texture

Little intervention – Finest grapes are fermented using wild yeasts, which require constant attention but provide sublime complexity to the wines

Use blending to perfection - Each small lot enriches final composition

Explore every Detail – Seize the unexpected

Small lot winemaking – Character take time – after hand picking, every vineyard lot is assigned its own tank and waits separately long time until blending

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Region : Portugal
Year Of Establishment : 2008
Ranges :
  • Cape Roca
    Fisherman, Fish, Boat, Light

  • Monte Cascas
    Colheita, Reserva, Grande Reserva, Icon

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